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Meet Sawyer Watson, a ghost whom is eternally twenty-five years old; he’s been trapped in the Murder House since his death in 1980

♫♪ “Born with no soul, lack of control, cut from the mold of the anti-social. Plug them in and turn them on. Process data, make yourself the bomb. What is your target? What is your reason? Do you have emotions, is your heart freezing? Seizing this opportunity to speak, Ya didn’t say nothin but turn your fucking cheek.” []

I have long stopped asking why the mad do mad things…

{+}: Charming, Charismatic, Witty
{–}: Sociopathic, Alcoholic, Hot-Headed

It’s a filthy world we live in, it’s a filthy goddamn helpless world…

A sociopath is defined as a person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior and a lack of conscience. Sawyer Watson was never a man given to feeling anything, not in life and especially not in his death. Beginning his fun little murder sprees when he was 16 years old, Sawyer was ruthless with his special knife that he used in order to slice his victim’s throats then stabbing them through the heart. Becoming notorious in his short time as a serial killer, the cops were never able to find him; branding him “The Ripper.”

Moving a short distance to L.A. and into the infamous Murder House, Sawyer’s “Ripper” reputation grew, and he soon became reckless. Deciding one night to have a party, he went on a murderous rampage of all the women who had so foolishly decided to enter into the house with him that night. Unfortunately for Sawyer, there was a woman whose ambitions and skills matched his, causing him to be pushed down there stairs; his back breaking, choking on the blood that pooled into the back of his throat.

In death, Sawyer’s bloodthirsty tendencies did not abate. Being the direct cause of many deaths, he revels in them and rarely apologizes for them when asked. He enjoys manipulating people to do his bidding and often brings his sarcastic humor to any situation he deems fit. His violent outrages often cause him to not be the most favorite person in the house, but he handles himself well. Be warned, do not underestimate Sawyer. In many ways, his blood thirst is the main thing fueling him in the afterlife and he enjoys nothing more than causing misery to those who anger him.

Are you sure you want to be alone? They say this house is haunted…

Harley Parker: While he doesn’t like to admit it, Harley is the woman that can be credited for the sociopath’s death. The two have had a love-hate relationship ever since. That being said, Sawyer does enjoy her company and concedes to an occasional kill every now and then.

Sydney Reed: Sydney is an old love interest of Sawyer’s, as well as one of his victims after death. He cared about her when they first began hang out, but he continually felt like he was weak. He didn’t enjoy that feeling, so he made her believe that he manipulated her the whole time. He doesn’t really like to have her around now, constantly remembering how weak he is around her.

Samantha Gray: Samantha is another mystery to Sawyer. He befriended her after finding out she was close to Shadow, but he’s found he enjoys her company. The more he finds out about the young woman, the more he’s hoping the mystery of Shadow will be uncovered.

Victoria Morte: Ria is considered to Sawyer as the nagging neighbor he shares in the attic. While they can be somewhat tolerable to one another, they mostly share a rocky frienship. He doesn’t see her as a threat, but her magic use makes him wary to get too much on her bad side.

Roslyn Archer: Rozzie is an accomplice and interest of Sawyer’s. He enjoys her company and even breaks his rule of killing alone with her. Since they both have sociopathic tendencies he enjoys her company more than most and likes to keep her around.

Edgar Middleton: Shadow is a complete mystery to Sawyer. While he considers this ghost an enemy, he doesn’t know how to go about attacking the him. This makes him wary of the man, considering Shadow is aligned with Ria.

Sawyer is portrayed by Paul Wesley, and is currently taken.

Meet Harley Parker, a ghost whom is eternally twenty-three years old; she’s been trapped in the Murder House since her death in 1980

♫♪ “Baby, I'm a sociopath, sweet serial killer. On the warpath, 'cause I love you just a little too much. I love you just a little too much.” []

I have long stopped asking why the mad do mad things…

{+}: Witty, Independent, Funny
{–}: Sociopath, Domineering, Tease

It’s a filthy world we live in, it’s a filthy goddamn helpless world…

For as long as she can remember, Harley had always been different from the people around her. While other kids were busy playing a game of tag or hide and seek, Harley found interest in looking at the dead animals found in the playground, only joining in if the other kids wanted to involve some sort of deadly fun to the game. Her teachers found this unsettling and would often try to talk to the parents of the young girl only to have their worries pushed aside by the two.

In reality, Harley’s parents used the young girl as a means to get money from the government. Both having been injured while working they collected unemployment and an extra sum for having a child, their only, precious girl, Harley. The young girl was often treated like she wasn’t even in the house unless social services came to check up on her. Ignored and distant from the world around her, Harley’s sociopathic tendencies became a permanent feature of her psyche. Often she would deny any sort of emotional attachment to objects, but if they were moved or even touched in the smallest, noticeable way, the blonde would go into a rage only time alone could solve. At the age of 18, the rage consumed her so much that she woke up to both of her parents dead, their blood dripping from a knife in her hand.

Running from the killings, Harley made her way to Los Angeles where she found herself a server at a local bar. Harley’s reputation grew fast for her random one nighters with the men that frequented the bar. Little did anyone around her suspect that the petite blonde was actually who the reporters were reporting about when they told the stories of a killer known as The Black Widow. One fateful night, Harley came into contact with Sawyer Watson. Unknowingly, the two chose the other as their next mark. Allowing Sawyer to take her back to his home for a party, Harley sat and waited for her time to strike.

Much to her surprise, and enjoyment, Sawyer began to kill all the girls off. When he finally came to her, she tricked him and pushed him down the stairs, killing him. Feeling triumphant, Harley began to make her way out of the house. Unfortunately for her, the house had different plans. A ghost, Pierce Rogan, fresh from having a fit from not finding his love, Delia, used his ghostly energy to have the chandelier in the foyer fall, impaling Harley.

Now her ghostly energy haunts the Murder House. Unlike Sawyer who is constantly feeling the need to kill, she finds pleasure in messing with the fraternity boys that now frequent the house. Don’t fall into her trap; however, she will show no mercy when it comes to killing, and loves to top herself with different deaths. She is a cruel mistress, but she enjoys her time in the Murder House… maybe a little too much.

Are you sure you want to be alone? They say this house is haunted…

Sawyer Watson: Harley likes to consider Sawyer as someone that stands on her level. During their time being dead in the Murder House, Sawyer and Harley have gone from being lovers to neutral friends. She loves picking on him as much as she can, and will even push him sometimes if that means she will get something she can use later out of him. In many ways, Sawyer is the only person Harley has ever considered a friend, and has grown to care for him deeply, sometimes obsessively.

Pierce Rogan: Harley has never met her killer face to face, and she doesn’t know he killed her for that matter. As far as she’s concerned, it was a freak accident to have a chandelier crush her. Though the house knows well that it was Pierce who accidentally allowed the structure to fall on her.

Gregory Smith: Harley has it out for Greg, ever since she found out he put Sawyer through another death — she’s been plotting to get into his afterlife, and once she’s in… the girl plans to use her charm to get close to him, then tear him to shreds.

Kashmiere Carson: Kash is nothing more than a toy to Harley — on occasion she finds herself hooking up with him; and often see’s it as his privilege to do so. The two have absolutely no emotional attachment, nor do they know much about each other, including the fact that Harley is a serial killer.

Marissa Vaughn: Harley met Marissa and conned her almost immediately afterwards, after claiming her dog scratched open her jeans. Marissa then forked up 50 useless bucks to the ghost. To her knowledge, Marissa believes Harley is in the sorority, and for now she’d like to keep it that way just to see what else she can get out of the girl.

Harley is portrayed by Arielle Kebbel, and is currently taken.

Meet Kerria Dean, a ghost whom is eternally twenty years old; she’s been trapped in the Murder House since her death in 2016

♫♪ “If there was a better way to go then it would find me. I can’t help it, the road just rolls out behind me. Be kind to me, or treat me mean… I’ll make the most of it, I’m an extraordinary machine.” []

I have long stopped asking why the mad do mad things…

{+}: Open-Minded, Protective, Caring
{–}: Unpredictable, Stubborn, Aggressive

It’s a filthy world we live in, it’s a filthy goddamn helpless world…

Kerria Dean was born into the world with her twin brother, Kellin, though the two took on very different roles in life. There was never a time through the various hardships that the blonde had endured from a young age to her dying days that she didn’t have a smile on her face. No matter how hard it was, Kerria was always able to maintain a happy demeanor just to keep those around her feeling as comfortable and happy as possible. Especially after her mother died, through the constant battles of keeping the peace between her sibling and their father, to being diagnosed with leukemia when she was just a little girl.

Ker managed to beat the cancer once upon a time, but unfortunately in her late teens, it came back — showing no mercy of letting her survive this time, and though she was nothing less than a fighter, she was given three months to live. Hospital bound with her health depleting on a daily basis, Kerria still found a way to keep herself in good spirits. When she wasn’t napping or spending time with visitors and nurses, she was off in her own world playing video games on the collection she had brought in to her room.

There was a point in Kerria’s life when her brother Kellin was not present, as he was sent away for his bad behavior, and from that point she hadn’t heard from him in a long while… but when he found out that she was dying, he showed up out of the blue and broke her out of the hospital leaving nearly zero evidence behind of his doing so. Bringing her to the fraternity to hide her away, the Beta Phi Tau Fraternity located at the infamous Murder House, Kerria lived out the rest of her days in freedom and bliss.

At the time, she wasn’t completely aware of the reason why Kellin did what he did, why he would hide her away in his college housing center until death when he could have just visited her on occasion at the hospital, instead of going through all the trouble he did to get her there… until he told her the truth, that when you died there, you stayed. Naturally, Kerria assumed it was some little story he’d come up with to ease her into death, and she didn’t believe any of it — in fact, she was somewhat insulted he’d go to such childish measures to calm her from her hidden fear of death. Unfortunately for her, it was too late by the time she realized what he and a few others had told her, for a few weeks she was dead without even realizing it, until she forced herself to come to terms with what she was being faced with. An eternity bound to the Murder House, at the hand of her brother. Even after she came to terms with death, she didn’t blame him in the slightest. He warned her, she was just too naive to understand at the time that he was being serious.

Her time in the Murder House simply does not compare to most of the other ghosts who inhabit the place, and even though she was always a quick learner in life — she often finds herself unable to control her ghostly abilities. From ghosting out of sight mid conversation, or decreasing the temperature when her mood falls, Kerria never fails to find herself glitching at the most important times in her afterlife. But that doesn’t mean she’s giving up on learning how to control herself, especially since she longs to blend in with the living that still inhabit the house alongside the dead.

Are you sure you want to be alone? They say this house is haunted…

Marcus Carpenter: Kerria met Marcus a few weeks after her death, and has since then kept it a secret from him. Her lies have been building up on her recently, though, and she has been finding herself in a deep hole — trying to dig her way back up to the surface to the boy she’s fallen in love with. At times she fears their relationship is bound to a dead end, but she’s much too stubborn to give up on them now, even if neither of them truly know each other the way she wishes they would.

Spencer McCormick: Spencer, out of all people, or ghosts rather… was the one to accompany Kerria in her moment of realizing she was dead. Even though, before and after her death, she considered him to be a friend. Yes, Kerria is considered a bubbly, happy girl — but Spencer never ceases to fail when it comes to making her life, or even smile when she’s in a blue mood.

Darien Dudemeister: Kerria first met Darry when he walked in to find her in a towel in the bathroom, and though they certainly got an awkward start on things that seemed to only get worse as time came and went, after Darry found the blonde broken down in the hallway, sobbing and confessing her wrong doings, she’s found him to be a decent human being — a kind one, who she doesn’t wanna see stuck in the Murder House. She aims to keep him protected in his visits to the haunted house when he comes near.

Zachary McCord: Zach is the main boy she dealt with when she’d make her daily trip to the gas station for her slushee when she was alive. The two became friends fast, as Ker would often stick around and keep the kid company at work while she helped herself to free refills of the iced beverage she had an addiction to. After she died, though, she lost contact with him, and it bothers her to this day.

McKenzie Botwin: McKenzie and Kerria have had a few awkward run ins to say the least. Kerria still isn’t fully aware of who the eccentric little brunette is or why she acts the way she does around her, but she see’s her as a potential friend, especially after finding out her love of video games.

Kerria is portrayed by Britt Robertson, and is currently taken.

Meet Vanessa ‘Nessi’ Bradford, a curious neighbor whom recently turned twenty-one years old; she’s been living near the Murder House since 2016

♫♪ “I want you to notice when I’m not around. You’re so fuckin’ special, I wish I was special. But I’m a creep. I’m a weirdo. What the hell am I doin’ here? I don’t belong here.” []

I have long stopped asking why the mad do mad things…

{+}: Observant, Patient, Versatile
{–}: Liar, Obsessive, Jealous

It’s a filthy world we live in, it’s a filthy goddamn helpless world…

If there was one word to describe Nessi Bradford, it would be obsessive. From a young age, Nes lacked the proper amount of attention from her parents and grew up with a social disorder — when she made a friend, it wasn’t exactly a normal process for her. To her, it was as if she had received a new object, a toy, if you will. With an uncontrollable need to manipulate those around her, it was plain to see that Nessi grew up lacking friendship. After several attempts at gaining a companion, her violent fits when things didn’t go her way became something quite common.

Alongside her three other siblings, Nessi was the eldest girl of the family and has since then set a bad example for her younger sisters — at age seventeen, her parents kicked her out with no funds to guide her on her way; and with few to no social connections, Nes never felt more alone, until she moved into her aunts house at age 18; which ironically was just a few houses away from the infamous Murder House. It wasn’t long after Nessi moved into the neighborhood that she learned about the rumored spirits that were stuck in the house, doomed to forever reside in one place… and with a past full of people walking out on her, she couldn’t find the place more intriguing. A place where she could make friends and them not be able to leave her? It was too good to be true.

When Nessi turned 19, she signed up for the sorority after graduating high school, got in — and after a mere two weeks of residing in the Pi Iota Epsilon Sorority, her obsessive habits took a shining and she had the cops called on her for attempted murder. Though she see’s it very differently, she didn’t mean to push her sorority sister down the stairs, she simply says she tripped and looked for something to grab onto… but ended up pushing the other girl down. Unfortunately for Nessi, the girl survived and quickly switched sororities in fear that Nessi’s stalking habits would continue. All she wanted was a friend who wouldn’t run away, in her mind — she figured if the girl had died, she wouldn’t be able to run away. After that incident the school saw it fit to kick Nessi out of the sorority program, and soon after she dropped out of college all together. 

Now, living at her aunt’s house again, Nessi has worked up the courage to wander back to the Murder House after a two year restraining order on the sorority group itself had warn out. She’s pleased to see that no one remembers her, and there are plenty of new faces for her to attempt to befriend — both dead and alive. She’s determined to find someone who won’t run away on her now, and refuses to fail.

Are you sure you want to be alone? They say this house is haunted…

Aidan Bradford: Aidan is Nessi’s older brother and probably her closest sibling. She always felt very disconnected from her younger sisters and when no one was on her side, Aidan always seemed to be the only understanding one in the family. Although she envied the attention he received for his athleticism and popularity, she still looked up to him. However, she finds his recent move to the neighborhood is slightly redundant and worries she may end up in his shadow again.

Nessi is portrayed by Willa Holland, and is currently open.

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Meet Avery Safford, a Westfield High attendee whom recently turned sixteen years old; she’s been living near the Murder House since 2014

♫♪ “'Cause it ain't my style, no, it ain't my style. Going down to the gravel head to the barrel, take this life and end this struggle. Los Angeles, come, scam me, please.” []

I have long stopped asking why the mad do mad things…

{+}: Playful, Logical, Chill 
{–}: Daring, Careless, Disrespectful

It’s a filthy world we live in, it’s a filthy goddamn helpless world…

How lucky Avery must be, having parents who don’t really care what she does — at least, that’s what most of Westfield High thinks. She herself couldn’t hate it more. With the constant lack of attention from the two who are completely over-involved in their own lives, Avery has become nearly as careless with her life as they have been with raising a child. And it’s always been this way, for as long as she can remember at least. Her younger sister and older brother, along with herself, have been left to fend for themselves for most of the time. What makes it worse? The three don’t particularly get along because of this — at least, Avery doesn’t get along with them in any way, shape, or form. They’re annoying to her, just like her parents, she does whatever she can to avoid going home to be in their company.

Despite the fact that her days at school should take up a majority of her time, Avery is prone to waking up in the morning, throwing on one of her signature classy-trashy outfits, and walking right past the bus stop to spend her time on the streets of L.A., hanging out with whoever can handle her company. Of course, ditching school so much can lead to trouble, but she could honestly care less — her parents don’t do anything about it anyway, and she feels no need to impress them by stepping up and doing the right thing.

Recently, though, Avery has happened upon the part of Los Angeles where the college students roam. The streets that are lined with fraternities and sororities have become her safe haven… but there’s one in particular that Avery finds herself hanging out a lot. The Pi Iota Epsilon Sorority and Beta Phi Tau Fraternity house, better known as L.A’s infamous Murder House. Why? Well, the environment is laid back and nearly perfect to her, the place seems to be accepting of all sorts — college-involved or not. There’s one thing that Avery doesn’t know about her new hangout, though, and that’s the fact that the house is crawling with ghosts.

Are you sure you want to be alone? They say this house is haunted…

Lennon Foster: Lennon is one of Avery’s well known friends, he attends Westfield on a regular basis and you can occasionally catch her trying to convince him to skip with her — though it’s rare that he’ll agree, even if he is classified under the same social category as her. It’s safe to say these two are good friends, though, and she’d be there if he ever needed her help.

Winnifred Sparrow: Although this girl isn’t too much older than Avery, she still seems to look at her as an idol — Winnie’s lifestyle alone is something that Avery can connect to. The life of a marijuana dealer living on the road seems nearly ideal to the girl, especially since her school career isn’t going to take her anywhere. Avery doesn’t know Winnie as much as she’d like to, she more so watches her from afar, learning from her, but she wouldn’t mind becoming a good friend of hers.

Avery is portrayed by Mackenzie Lintz, and is currently open.

Meet Dylan Krause, a brother to the Beta Phi Tau Fraternity whom recently turned twenty years old; he’s been living in the Murder House since 2017

♫♪ “Heroin, be the death of me . Heroin, it’s my wife and it’s my life. Because a mainer to my vein, leads to a center in my head, and then I’m better off and dead.” []

I have long stopped asking why the mad do mad things…

{+}: Social, Confident, Adaptable
{–}: Guarded, Naive, Cold

It’s a filthy world we live in, it’s a filthy goddamn helpless world…

Having had lived next to the Murder House for most of his life, you would think that Dylan was a firm believer in the spirits that roamed the halls there — but that’s not exactly the case. Dylan couldn’t care less about the rumored souls that inhabit his new home — the Beta Phi Tau fraternity. He doesn’t believe in them whatsoever, unlike his little sister who seems to be obsessed with them, he’s just there for his cheap education, not to mention the friends he’s made over the years. He never really found it appealing to move too far from home, and seeing as how he only moved a house over… well, it’s obvious he has some unresolved separation issues. The Murder House was simply his best pick out of any of the frats in the area, he was familiar with it and with those who lived there as well.

Aside from getting an education, Dylan holds a secret that is somewhat troubling. He frequently finds himself experimenting with heroin, and lucky for him — his new roommate, Marcus, deals the stuff. He knows if his sister ever found out about this dangerous secret of his, his new, freer life would take a turn for the worse and he would most likely be sent to a rehab center by his overbearing parents. If there’s anything Dylan wants more… it’s to break off all ties with his families without feeling the guilt of it. That’s where the reassurance of the drug kicks in, the way he see’s it — this might not be the ideal life his family planned out for him, but it’ll be better for him in the long run.

Are you sure you want to be alone? They say this house is haunted…

Aubrey Krause: Aubrey is Dylan’s little sister — and needless to say, he gets pretty annoyed with her constantly hanging out at the Murder House what with him being in the fraternity and all. She’s sort of embarrassing to him, especially with all of her talk about ghosts and how he needs to be careful about who he talks to. The last thing he needs is the whole fraternity finding out that his little sister considers herself his protector.

Marcus Carpenter: Marcus is Dylan’s supplier when it comes to his bad habits. The two hit it off pretty well the first day that Dylan moved into the frat, seeing as how Marcus was one of the only roommates he could see himself actually befriending — but for now, the two have a dealer to buyer relationship, not much more than that.

Dylan is portrayed by Jamie Campbell Bower, and is currently open.