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Anonymous asked:
can we use icons in the rps?? or only gifs

All of our members use gifs or gifcons, though if you'd like to use icons you're free to do so!

- Sam

sierra-lowell asked:
Hi there, I just wanted to say that I'm really sorry, but I don't think I'll be able to continue with this rp account:( I'm starting school in a few days, and even then, I've become super busy and I don't think that I'll be able to keep up with this account. Anyways, I know I've only been on here for only a short amount of time, but thanks anyways:) Have a good week and sorry again!

We're sad to see you go! You've been a lovely addition to our little family - and at any time if you wish to come back, we'll be here with open arms. Good luck out there!

Anonymous asked:
Is there a reason that Ben Harmon is not on the RP? I see him listed as an open character on your FC list, but the link doesn't follow through. Is he available? Sorry if this has been asked or if I'm just confused, but I just stumbled across this RP and would love to play Ben!

He is an available character! We lost his bio in the graphic revamp and have been working to get it up again - should be up soon, though! Sorry about the confusion!

- Sam

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Anonymous asked:
I don't know how I haven't stumbled across this rp before xD! I bookmarked you so I can apply when school settles down.



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- Sam

Meet Dawn Woods, a Westfield High attendee whom recently turned seventeen years old; she’s been living near the Murder House since 2018

♫♪ “High achiever, don’t you see? Baby, nothing comes for free. They say I’m a control freak driven by a greed to succeed — nobody can stop me.” []

I have long stopped asking why the mad do mad things…

{+}: Determined, Honest, Independent
{–}: Insensitive, Judgmental, Controlling

It’s a filthy world we live in, it’s a filthy goddamn helpless world…

The youngest of five brothers, Dawn was always a bit of a tomboy. She was used to nothing but roughhousing, action figures and sports growing up. Her mother was the closest thing to girly she could get, but even there, it wasn’t much. It wasn’t like Dawn was complaining, however — far from it in fact. Her home was a happy one, and that’s all that mattered. The only thing that bothered her consistently was that it was damn near impossible to get her father’s attention. Her dad’s eyes were always glued on her brothers and what they were doing, what they were into, and so on. It drove the girl crazy. Since she was but a child, she had a knack for fixing things. If something was broken, she was quick to find a book or hop on the internet and read all about the object in question; then once she knew absolutely everything there was to know, she’d fix it. The girl had a gift, especially with being raised in the household she was. Her family wasn’t the richest lot on the block. Things broke on the daily, but with her talent, that wasn’t a problem. Even so, she still couldn’t get her father to pay attention to her; and eventually, Dawn just gave up. 

School came easy to the girl, though that wasn’t much of a surprise. Many-a-times had her brothers came to her for help on their homework, and most of the time, Dawn simply took it upon herself to complete it on her own as explaining things grew tiring; and of course her brothers were fine with that. Throughout high school, her intellect only grew. She focused on what she was good at: learning about all things, fixing what she could. From wood shop to algebra, she was simply put as a star student. Everything was going alright. She had a nice amount of friends, her home life was good — from what she knew — though at senior year, her parents had finally had their run financially and the only way out was to sell the house. Forced to follow, she said goodbye to her friends and left for Los Angeles. Now, with her brothers all moved out, and her, starting her last year of high school in a new city, Dawn’s got herself focused on learning more about how things work, adapting to her new environment.

Are you sure you want to be alone? They say this house is haunted…

Chase Northson: Dawn happened upon Chase at church; having been going around the city with her parents, trying to find the perfect organization to practice their religion, they finally happened upon a quaint little place — in which Dawn happened to bump into Chase upon moving into the aisle. Though they haven’t socialized too much, Dawn finds Chase to be a fairly nice man and enjoys seeing him and his dogs every Sunday.

Autumn Clarke: Dawn has spotted this particular girl not once or twice, but every time she’s visited the library since she first discovered it; and it’s safe to say Autumn has caught her eye. Due to Dawn’s observant nature, she couldn’t help but notice how the girl has wandered through the non-fiction section every now and again — where she, herself, likes to settle. Dawn finds herself becoming quite intrigued by the brunette.

Dawn is portrayed by Shelley Hennig, and is currently taken.